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Re: [anti-spam-wg] Spam coming from IP's

  • To: Pieter Collier contact@localhost
  • From: Brian Nisbet <brian.nisbet@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 10:22:50 +0100


Sadly this mailing list will not be able to help you with your issues
for a number of reasons.  However we may be able to point you in the
right direction.

First off, this list is not an address to use for reporting spam.  This
is the discussion mailing list for the RIPE Anti-Spam Working Group, the
charter for which can be found here:

My contact form is being spammed on a constant basis, resulting into 5 or so
spam mails every 10 minutes. All spam mails come from IP's which are from
your company.

For example:,, and others within your range.

The second point is that the vast majority of addresses that reference
RIPE somewhere in their database object do so because they were
allocated by RIPE, the Regional Internet Registry, likely via a Local
Internet Registry to the end user.

In this case it would appear that the addresses you're seeing are
actually being used by Infinite Technologies in Karnataka in India.
Their abuse address is abuse@localhost.

RIPE and the RIPE NCC are not responsible for anything that comes from
these addresses and any problems you have should be taken up with
Infinite Technologies.

Is there any way you can stop this spamming? I'm sure it is not you directly
doing this, but someone using these IP's is. I have blocked this kind of
attacks (but keep logs), since I have no interest in any of the 30 url's
inside the mail message.

In short there is nothing that RIPE, the RIPE NCC or the AS Working
Group can really do to stop this spam mail, but hopefully the
information I've given you may help in some way.


AS WG Co-Chair