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[anti-spam-wg] Spam coming from IP's

  • From: Pieter Collier contact@localhost
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 11:18:22 +0200


My contact form is being spammed on a constant basis, resulting into 5 or so
spam mails every 10 minutes. All spam mails come from IP's which are from
your company.

For example:,, and others within your range.

The error I receive is the following:
Server attack "Many URLS in a field" detected. Your server is safe as
FormMail is invulnerable to this attack.  You can disable these messages by
setting ALERT_ON_ATTACK_DETECTION to false in FormMail's configuration

More information:

Field "mesg" contained 30 URLs

Is there any way you can stop this spamming? I'm sure it is not you directly
doing this, but someone using these IP's is. I have blocked this kind of
attacks (but keep logs), since I have no interest in any of the 30 url's
inside the mail message.

My kindest regards,

Pieter Collier,
Sint-Franciesdijk 22
9185 Wachtebeke

+0032 (0) 495908283
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