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Re: [anti-spam-wg] Any suggestions about how to deal with non co-operative ISP's and RIR's ?

On Apr 5, 2007, at 17:22, Ed Sawicki wrote:

Jim Reid wrote:
Can we please take this discussion elsewhere? The current thread is off-topic for this list and seems to be opening up an infinite number of rat-holes.
Why is this off-topic?
Recent postings on this thread have centred around angels-on-pinhead  
debates about what is and isn't a legal definition of spam: a truly  
pointless exercise. And whether a contract takes precedent over  
criminal law or not. This is only of interest to the pedants and  
terminally sad. And it's not at all relevant to the RIPE anti-spam  
WG. Please consult the WG's charter and ask yourself if recent  
postings have truly been compatible with that.
Just because the thread is vaguely related to spam doesn't  
necessarily mean it falls within the remit of this WG of its list.
It's about a spam-related problem.
No. The discussion has spun off into rat-holes that will go nowhere.  
Like most "debates" about spam, the current thread is futile. It will  
just create lots of heat and *never* yield a positive outcome.  
Remember MARID?
So please take that "oh yes it is", "oh no it's not" dialectic  
somewhere else. It's gone way off at a tangent from the original  
posting. Which itself was inappropriate for this list IMO. This  
discussion should have terminated after Leo Vegoda's posting, which  
was pretty much the last message with useful content. [It also fully  
answered the original poster's question.] Everything since then has  
been worthless noise.
Let's kill this thread with extreme prejudice and try to keep a  
healthy signal to noise ratio in this list.