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Re: [anti-spam-wg] Any suggestions about how to deal with non co-operative ISP's and RIR's ?

  • From: peter h peter@localhost
  • Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2007 19:36:54 +0200

On Saturday 07 April 2007 12.35, Jim Reid wrote:
> On Apr 7, 2007, at 09:41, peter h wrote:
> > I disagree. This list _is_ about spam elemination. And bad
> > habits from registries does only help spammers hide.
> This is true. However the current discussion thread is not about such  
> "bad habits". It's just a series of "oh yes it is", "oh no it's not"  
> rants. There hasn't been a worthwhile posting since Leo Vegoda's on  
> 3/4/07. Which is why I asked the discussion to be moved from this list.

True, the discussion is stil diverged and unfucused. But i expect it to 
converge on the key questions again ( unless we kill it off).

The real point is "how to repair current state with RIR's allowing 
spammer to rule " and "how do we get Internet back to responsibility"

Beeing polite won't help us now, we need to find real arguments and
better ways of dealing with abuse.

A delicate balance is needed, not censorship but self-regulation is needed.

The danger is spam and abuse on one side, political control on the other. 
If "we" cannot fix this one of the above will take control.

Now, constructive suggestions please!
        Peter Håkanson   

        There's never money to do it right, but always money to do it
        again ... and again ... and again ... and again.
        ( Det är billigare att göra rätt. Det är dyrt att laga fel. )