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Re: [anti-spam-wg] Any suggestions about how to deal with non co-operative ISP's and RIR's ?

  • From: der Mouse mouse@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 18:23:00 -0400 (EDT)

>> For example, consider all the IP blocks registered to uncontactable
>> entities.  I've seen various ARIN netblocks with comment fields
>> saying basically "ARIN has been unable to contact this address block
>> holder; if you have updated contact info, please tell us", rather
>> than deregistering the block.
> Removing the registration removesd the abuse?

Not per se.  But it certainly helps; it's harder to defend using an
unallocated block.  Reassigning the block to someone else helps even
more (though it's initially a bit hard on the new assignee).

If nothing else, it's making it clear that any use of the block is
prima facie illegitimate, which the current wimp-out positions don't.

>>> and the legal basis for ICANN or the RIRs doing this?
>> [...]
> I should point out that IANA does not charge for the services it
> provides to the RIRs and we provide the RIRs with service without a
> contract.

Perhaps that's what needs to change, then.  (Perhaps not, too.  But
*something* certainly needs to.)

Actually, if there's no contract you can enforce on the RIRs, they
equally have no contract they can enforce on you; you can revoke
assignments as you see fit, it seems to me.

Revoking an assignment at the IANA-to-RIR level would be an extreme
step; I'd expect it to be taken only when other measures have failed.
But it seems to me that they *have* failed; there is rampant
irresponsibility - or at least behaviour that looks like that to me -
at the RIR level.  At least two RIRs don't - or historically haven't; I
haven't checked recently - enforce contactability of address block
holders, making it easy for abusers to get space and duck any
responsibility for its use.  RIPE, at least, flatly refuses - or at
least has refused - to take any action against address block assignees
who don't police their assignments; I haven't had occasion to push it
as high as the RIR with other RIRs, so I don't know how they are in
this regard.  (The abuse I see most often is spamming and spam support,
but I feel quite sure that's an artifact of my perspective more than
anything else.)

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