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RE: [anti-spam-wg] Any suggestions about how to deal with non co-operative ISP's and RIR's ?

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  • From: "jrace@localhost" jrace@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 10:04:21 -0400
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The system is definitively broken.   It is easy to fix.
An act of will can fix it.

Read the details at


 and the fix at


Jeffrey Race

Original Message:
From:  oca@localhost
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 08:50:30 +0200
To: anti-spam-wg@localhost
Subject: [anti-spam-wg] Any suggestions about how to deal with non
co-operative ISP's and RIR's ?

Any suggestions about how to deal with non co-operative ISP's and RIR's ?

When I receive a spam mail, I normally send a spam repport to the "abuse 
mail account" of the ISP being responsible for the IP address using the 
whois databases of the RIR's.

Normally this works very fine ... or rather ... I'm often able to deliver 
the repport somewhere without any problems.

But in some cases the given account dosn't exist or is hidden behind a 

In these cases I have tried to contact the RIR of the ISP but with very 
different outcome ...

Some RIR's consider this as a problem they can deal with and some dosn't !!!

Last week I received a third spam mail from an ip address belonging to

According to the whois of arin, and to the homepage of the ISP, I should 
repport abuse to abuse@localhost...

This I have tried several times getting an "unable to deliver" repport
time ...

Trying to raise this as an issue for ARIN gives this repply:

> ARIN is an IP registry whose primary function is the registration and
> distribution of IP number resources (IP addresses and Autonomous System
> Numbers) in North America.
> IP number resource registration information can be found in the
> public ARIN WHOIS database found at:
> Please understand that ARIN does not operate any of the networks contained
> in the WHOIS database nor is ARIN responsible for supplying and
> maintaining the registration data in the WHOIS database.  That
> responsibility lies soley with the registrant of the data.

How do we fight spam, and other kind of abuse, as long as some of the ISP's 
and the RIR's has this kind of attitudes ?


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