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Re: [anti-spam-wg] BulletProof Hosting bulk email servers software

  • From: Walter Ian Kaye walter@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 12:12:51 -0700

At 07:43p +0200 06/12/2006, Over Stock didst inscribe upon an electronic papyrus:

I am writing to see if Ripe has a position on what is spam and what is
opt-in email, we at only promote opt-in email


I am trying so hard not to laugh, and failing. The only time I ever see the word "bulletproof" is in connection to protecting spammers. It's a joke, right?

But to answer the question, "opt-in" is only opt-in if it is impossible for person A to subscribe person B.

-Walter (not Ripe)
PS. I don't trust anyone who sends HTML/multipart mail by default. To me, multipart or HTML mail is a kind of spam in and of itself -- it is unsolicited bulk content within a message, and I set my spam filter rules accordingly.