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Re: [[email protected]] Abuse contacts in RIPE database and whois

  • To: "RIPE anti-spam WG" < >
  • From: "Rodney Tillotson" < >
  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 17:16:59 +0100

Markus Stumpf wrote:

> .. taking email addresses from changed: records. Brilliant idea.
> I have stated more than once that it would be a great idea to
> NOT output changed: records ...

I hope Markus will be encouraged by the notes from the Database WG
(when they appear in due course).
Nobody here is moving in the direction of RP RRs, but the rest of
what he comments on is what we were talking about, and it should
result in some real action in a useful timescale.

Rodney Tillotson
+44 1235 822 255.

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