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[[email protected]] Scott Richter Obtains Injunctions Against Spamcop

  • From: Mally Mclane < >
  • Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 16:31:38 +0100

By John Leyden
Published Wednesday 12th May 2004 14:08 GMT

A bulk mailing company headed by notorious spammer Scott Richter has
won a restraining order against anti-spam reporting service SpamCop.

Following an order by a Northern California District Court judge on
Monday SpamCop is obliged to temporarily stop reporting complaints
about Richter's company,, to third-party ISPs. The
order will apply until 20 May, when the two companies are scheduled to
appear in court. SpamCop is fighting the main action but it failed to
oppose the temporary restraining order.

OptInRealBig brought a legal action against SpamCop and parent company
IronPort last month, alleging that SpamCop interfered with
OptInRealBig's contracts and business relationships, affected its
ability to make money and bed mouthed the company. Ironport acquired
SpamCop last November. SpamCop contacts the abuse desks of ISPs in
response to reports of spam from Web users. The email address of
complainants is withheld.

Richter, OptInRealBig's president, is on the receiving end of a
December lawsuit from New York's Attorney General and Microsoft for
allegedly sending "billions of illegal and deceptive e-mail messages".
Spamhaus names Richter and OptInRealBig as the world's ninth most
prolific spam operations in its Register of Known Spam Operations
(ROKSO). Richter, branded by critics as the "Spam King", also appears
in second spot in the list thanks to the work of Wholesalebandwidth. �


I hope this doesnt open me up to a lawsuit...


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