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[[email protected]] Spam Laws Confuse Businesses

  • From: Mally Mclane < >
  • Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 11:16:26 +0200

Anti-spam laws baffle
Published Friday 7th May 2004 09:02 GMT

Businesses are in the dark over anti-spam laws, with 83 per cent
ignorant of legislation aimed at stopping junk emails, a new survey
has revealed. The research, conducted by software firm Clearswift,
found that although just 16 per cent of businesses were aware of laws
against spam, a massive 92 per cent felt current rules were not tough
enough to stop unwanted emails.

The UK government introduced anti-spam measures last year, after
complaints from small firms that their productivity was being hampered
by junk email clogging up their inboxes. Although ministers banned
unsolicited emails and text messages, the laws only apply to senders
within Britain - a significant problem as most spam originates from
the USA.

The Clearswift report follows recent research which revealed that many
small firms need to do much more to stop spam and computer viruses
crippling their businesses. The survey revealed that many firms are
flouting the laws themselves by using direct email marketing. Nearly
half sent unsolicited emails to potential customers, with just 16 per
cent fully understanding the implications of breaking anti-spam rules.

Alyn Hockey, director of research at Clearswift, said that a more
co-ordinated approach was needed to help stamp out spam: "It is clear
there needs to be greater education on spam legislation by governments
around the world, as businesses are on the one hand complaining about
the problem of spam, but at the same time, appear to be contributing
to the problem themselves because of ignorance.

"While Clearswift believes anti-spam legislation can be strengthened,
if organisations became more aware of the current laws they would
contribute to reducing the spam problem," she concluded.

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