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[anti-spam-wg@localhost] Spam-RBL, anyone?

  • From: "Niall O'Reilly" < >
  • Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 10:38:20 +0000
  • Cc: "Niall O'Reilly" < >

Happy New Year to you all!

Anyone know about these folks: ?

Their web site isn't exactly rich in information about
who they are, how they operate, how to contact them, or why
anyone should consider them professionally respectable.
To be very clear about this: I don't suggest they're not
professionally respectable, only that they avoid presenting
information on their website which I could use to form an
opinion on whether I would wish to place confidence in them.

From my own experience, I can say that they are one of a
number of outfits who generate spam-notification e-mails
using software which assumes that the administrative
contact for an IP address range is necessarily the
appropriate addressee for such notifications.  At least
for 137.43/16, this is not the case, something I've tried
to make abundantly clear in the data carried by both ARIN
and RIPE-NCC for this network.

I've tried to engage these people by e-mail, without

Niall O'Reilly
UCD Computing Services

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