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Re: [anti-spam-wg@localhost] Anti-spam WG draft minutes RIPE 45

Bulk mailers making HTML content of their messages more difficult
for filters to catch and for individuals to pick out.
Discussion: Sould we declare all HTML mail bad anyway?
Brilliant idea.
It's potentially risky (javascript, 'hidden' white-on-white links)
and anti-social. I've been refusing it for many years; very healthy.
See: http://homepages.cwi.nl/~piet/mailnotes-en.html
Effectiveness of the HTML-filter alone: some 70%.

The chair pointed out that HTML content is the default behaviour for
many current mail programs and _is_ considered useful by individuals
and corporations who may never have known 'plain text' mail.
My experience is that "useful" only stands for "appearance is more
important for us than content". But it's never too late to learn...

If all HTML content is filtered or blocked the bulk mailers will change to
something else.
That remains to be seen. In part they will, but the problem is that
plaintext mail looks less spiffy than HTML mail. But if they change
their strategy, so will the filters. Ad infinitum...


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