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Commecial vs fairness (was: spam support)

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 22:45:54 +0100
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I was faced with the same problem.
Being ther admin-c of our range, i enforce the AUP of our network.
I have been in confict a few times with our ops-director who is more a guy
in favor of the custommer.
We had an internet cafe on our network doing the same as in this thead.

I feel there is more and more ISP's who have an AUP but do not enforce it.

When we opened a LIR we had to state compliance with policies and
Can RIPE not issue a  maintain lower for the ISP who is not enforcing his
her AUP and or not fighting the abuse coming from his network. Ans i mean
abuse in the broader sense, so also taking care of custommers who
delibirately try to hack into other persons systems.

Best regards
Gert-Jan Obels
Manager of engineering
Iparix communications
(mailing from home)

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Verzonden: woensdag 13 februari 2002 13:10
Onderwerp: Re: spam support

> On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 01:18:46PM -0000, paul@localhost
(paul@localhost) wrote: Re: RE: spam support
> > in a couple of days. It's seems that the AUP is purely cosmetic, or that
> > Level3's 'investigations' are inefficient to the point of
> This is not isolated to Level 3 - the Level 3 AUP may very well be
> good and the AUP department may wish to deal with the typical
> compliants coming in, but at the end of the day 'commercialism'
> takes over and sales managers, sales directors and account managers
> take over - only they can 'talk' directly to the customer and as the
> customer is paying the money, why would the manager/director cut off
> a source of income?
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> Denesh Bhabuta
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