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RE: spam support

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 13:18:46 -0000
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Caroline.Skene@localhost wrote:

> I would like to clarify this as regards Level 3's position on
> spam. The
> company AUP (available on our web site) does not permit any
> customer to
> distribute spam through their Level 3 services. Any cases
> reported to us,
> such as that below, are investigated and the AUP is enforced
> if necessary.
> The specific issue mentioned is still under investigation.

We reported the site about two weeks ago. Still live.... claranet closed it
in a couple of days. It's seems that the AUP is purely cosmetic, or that
Level3's 'investigations' are inefficient to the point of ineffectiveness.
What is there to investigate? Look at the site... it's spamware. You don't
need a PhD to figure that out and run a traceroot.

> I will also state I have received an apology from CactuSoft
> for sending this
> communication without the situation coming to any final solution.

I made no apology for making the group aware of this site. The tone of
Caroline's email to my partner was clearly 'you can get removed, we won't
close the site'. They really don't want to pull this site.

I have had dealings with Level3 before. One of their US clients attempted
fraud against us, then sent abusive and threatening emails to us uncloaked.
Even that is not enough to get you kicked off Level3, just blame it on a
'hacker', or a 'rogue' employee who has been 'verbally cautioned'.

It's about time those who don't enforce AUPs started doing it.

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