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Re: test message

  • To: Steve Linford < >
  • From: Jan Meijer < >
  • Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 21:57:02 +0100
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  • Organization: SURFnet bv

> Somebody posted the list of all the MEPs supporting opt-out, including
> their email addresses, to the SPAM-L list. It doesn't say which
> countries they represent but here's a copy anyway:

Without guarantee of completeness at least these are Dutch MEPs, with their email addresses. I used the very bad algorithm of just looking at the names, using those names in google and apply some heuristics:

Mevr. Joke SWIEBEL
Affiliation: PvdA

De Heer Johannes (Hans) BLOKLAND
Affiliation: the combined small Christian fractions

Mevr. Kathalijne Maria BUITENWEG
Affiliation: GroenLinks

Affiliation: CDA

GroenLinks is actually the party I voted for. I've been somewhat out of touch with the issue, anyone know what important dates related to this issue are?

Hmm. My email client bugged again, and whilst trying to send this message I had the chance to find the point of view of Kathalijne Maria Buitenweg, and GroenLinks in general, and it looks like they are against opt-out and pro opt-in. The wording is in Dutch and leaves not much to the imagination.


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