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Re: test message

  • To: Jan Meijer < >
  • From: Steve Linford < >
  • Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 20:21:33 +0000
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At 9:10 pm +0100 (GMT) 13/11/01, Jan Meijer wrote:
 Well, you're right, what's going on is pretty grim. I had a long
 conversation with the Italian MEP pushing the opt-out legislation
 forward, Marco Cappato, and he explained to me that all users could
 avoid spam simply by looking at the message Subject before downloading
 it. I told him the Subject field wasn't part of the SMTP protocol so the
 spam had to be received before seeing the Subject and he said that's not
 true because on his Hotmail account he can see the Subject without
 downloading the message... He said all ISPs must provide the same system
 Hotmail has. (including that ISPs must filter spam into a separate
 folder like Hotmail does)
 Would you not just want to ... him?  The incompetence is astonishing :(
    Try to suggest everyone should be driving a Volvo, because they're so
 safe.  No way anyone would support that ;).

 Does anyone know of any Dutch MEPs supporting the opt-out legislation?
Somebody posted the list of all the MEPs supporting opt-out, including their email addresses, to the SPAM-L list. It doesn't say which countries they represent but here's a copy anyway:

[email protected] Mr Graham R. WATSON, UK
(no email) Mr Robert J.E. EVANS
(no email) On. Enrico FERRI
[email protected] Herr Bernd POSSELT
(no email) Mr Niall ANDREWS
(no email) Sig.Ra Roberta ANGELILLI
(no email) Mrs Mary Elizabeth BANOTT
[email protected] Herr Christian Ulrik von BOETTICHER
(no email) Mme Alima BOUMEDIENE-THIERY
[email protected] Hr. Mogens N.J. CAMRE
[email protected]
[email protected] On. Marco CAPPATO
[email protected]
[email protected] Mr Michael CASHMAN
(no email) Fru Charlotte CEDERSCHILD
[email protected] Herr Ozan CEYHUN
[email protected] Sr. Carlos COELHO
(no email) M. Thierry CORNILLET
(no email) On. Marcello DELL'UTRI
[email protected] M. Grard M.J. DEPREZ
[email protected]
(no email) On. Giuseppe DI LELLO FINUOLI
[email protected] Fru Pernille FRAHM
[email protected] Mr Daniel J. HANNAN
[email protected] Mme Adeline HAZAN
[email protected]
(no email) Sr. Jorge Salvador HERNNDEZ MOLLAR
(no email) Ka. Anna KARAMANOU
(no email) Frau Margot KESSLER
[email protected] Mr Timothy KIRKHOPE
[email protected] Frau Eva KLAMT
[email protected] Hr. Ole KRARUP
[email protected] Baroness Sarah LUDFORD
[email protected]
[email protected] Herr Hartmut NASSAUER
[email protected]
(no email) Sig.Ra Elena Ornella PACIOTTI
[email protected] Herr Hubert PIRKER
(no email) Herr Gerhard SCHMID
(no email) Herr Martin SCHULZ
[email protected] Mevr. Patsy SRENSEN
(no email) Sr. Srgio SOUSA PINTO
(no email) Mevr. Joke SWIEBEL
(no email) M. Fod SYLLA
[email protected] Sra. Anna TERRN i CUS
(no email) De Heer Frank VANHECKE
(no email) On. Gianni VATTIMO
[email protected] Frau Maria BERGER
[email protected] De Heer Johannes (Hans) BLOKLAND
[email protected]
(no email) On. Mario BORGHEZIO
(no email) Mevr. Kathalijne Maria BUITENWEG
[email protected] Sra. Carmen CERDEIRA MORTERERO
[email protected] On. Antonio DI PIETRO
[email protected]
[email protected] M. Olivier DUHAMEL
[email protected]
[email protected] Mr Glyn FORD
(no email) Sr. Gerardo GALEOTE QUECEDO
(no email) On. Giuseppe GARGANI
[email protected] Frau Evelyne GEBHARDT
[email protected]
[email protected] Fru Ewa HEDKVIST PETERSEN
[email protected] On. Renzo IMBENI
[email protected]
[email protected] M. Thierry B. JEAN-PIERRE
[email protected] Frau Sylvia-Yvonne KAUFMANN
(no email) M. Alain KRIVINE
[email protected] Mrs Jean LAMBERT
[email protected] Herr Kurt LECHNER
[email protected]
(no email) Herr Klaus-Heiner LEHNE
(no email) Hr. Torben LUND
(no email) Ka. Minerva Melpomeni MALLIORI
(no email) On. Lucio MANISCO
(no email) M. Jean-Charles MARCHIANI
[email protected] Sr. Lus MARINHO
[email protected]
[email protected] Sr. igo MNDEZ DE VIGO
(no email) On. Francesco MUSOTTO
(no email) Sr. Juan Andrs NARANJO ESCOBAR
[email protected] Mr William Francis NEWTON DUNN
[email protected] On. Mauro NOBILIA
[email protected]
[email protected] De Heer Arie M. OOSTLANDER
[email protected]
[email protected] Sra. Ana PALACIO VALLELERSUNDI
[email protected] Mme Martine ROURE
(no email) Sig.Ra Amalia SARTORI
[email protected] Herr Ingo SCHMITT
(no email) On. Maurizio TURCO
[email protected] Mevr. Anne E.M. VAN LANCKER
(no email) M. Alexandre VARAUT
(no email) Mme Dominique VLASTO
(no email) Herr Johannes VOGGENHUBER

The pattern in the addresses:
Initial Surname ==> [email protected]

Steve Linford
The Spamhaus Project

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