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Re: Opt-out ? we do know the "bounce" command...

  • From: (George W. Mills)
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 06:41:10 +0200
  • Organization: European Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 15:20:35 +0100, paul@localhost wrote:

> Anders Andersson andersa@localhost wrote:
> >It's a private property issue, not a free speech issue.
> I often hear US based groups opposing only UCE because of worries about
> whether they can ban UBE under their constitution. Can I claim freedom of
> speech under the constitution if I paint a non-commercial political slogan
> on the side of a Congressman's house? Should he have to opt-out of graffiti
> from all of those who might wish to voice their opinions on his walls? After
> all, I could argue that I wasn't aware he didn't wish to receive my
> 'thoughts' in this manner...

<plug=shameless>I did a short essay on UCE vs Freedom of Expression
comparing bits of the European Convention on Human Rights and the
Constitution of the United States, and how the courts in the USA saw the
issue.  It can be found at 

See also</plug>


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