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Re: Improbeable relays

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  • From: "Valentin Hilbig" < >
  • Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 00:24:52 +0200

From: "Anders Andersson" andersa@localhost
Cc: nospam@localhost
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 3:37 AM
Subject: Improbeable relays

> "Valentin Hilbig" nospam@localhost wrote:
> >My relays are neither OPEN nor CLOSED but they are listed on ORDB.
> Could you please mention some of the IP addresses wrongly listed so
> that we can verify your statements? is listed in ORDB.

> Likewise, sending e-mail via those same relays is probably also
> regarded as relay abuse, and therefore just as much a criminal
> offense in Germany (if your interpretation of the law is correct).

You try to ague, but I don't want to.

> As I mentioned before, I'd like to know the IP addresses of any
> servers that are governed under your strict hands-off regime, so
> that I can avoid communicating with them entirely, just to play
> safe.  I suppose you are referring to relays serving the GEHT.NET
> domain, but it's not clear to me which IP address ranges belong to
> you.  I have your MX hosts [], [] and
> [] already, but I guess your rules cover hosts beyond
> those three?

You cannot guess as it's the policy to disallow guessing, too. ;)

If you don't want to send mail to somebody, just go for it.  And tell your
customers/students that you don't forward some mail for some reason they
never want to know.  I don't tell you how much users are behind my type of
relays.  Only a note, there are a lot more than 100 individuals using my

> See for a sample listing.

If you list my type of relays you only help the SPAMmers.  Besides, this is
a false listing, too, because the relay you mention happen to not be
"non-closed" (it's not open and a little less than fully closed) by policy
currently (but yes, has the developement ANTISPAM-filter running, see

I thought, we don't want to help SPAMmers, but that's your choice.  I don't
want to argue, I only want to get rid of SPAM, and therfor I want to get rid
of systems who make the situation worse for non-SPAMmers.  My relays only
make the situation worse for SPAMmers even if you try to argue that this is
not the case.

In this context, ORBS is bad, but RBL MAPS is good, because RBL even blocks
CLOSED relays if an allowed customer spams over such closed relays which is
likely to happen for newbies.  So RBL helps, ORBS does not.  Period.

Valentin `Tino4 Hilbig
URL: 1073 560D 7C71 7548 61F1 E5E1 D89E 4DF3 9557 4064 Ich hab' die Schnauze voll von Ferrero.

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