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Improbeable relays

"Valentin Hilbig" nospam@localhost wrote:
>My relays are neither OPEN nor CLOSED but they are listed on ORDB.

Could you please mention some of the IP addresses wrongly listed so
that we can verify your statements?

>However my relays are listed in the ORDB database because a friendly
>organization (me) does regard "probing" of systems like ORDB to be no SPAM
>and such my relays have an MX ruleset for ORDB/ORBS/anything.  Also note
>that probing my relays is regarded an abuse of the relay, and an abuse of
>computers is a criminal offense here in Germany.  Nevertheless the friendly
>organization (me) still stays friendly even for systems like ORBS which
>behave like criminals.

Likewise, sending e-mail via those same relays is probably also
regarded as relay abuse, and therefore just as much a criminal
offense in Germany (if your interpretation of the law is correct).

Swedish law doesn't mention "abuse" but "unauthorized access to
computer data", which should however have pretty much the same
effect with respect to spamming and server probing.  I have never
authorized any spammer to store megabytes of junk e-mail on our
disks.  However, we do authorize people to send us normal e-mail;
that's why we have any mail servers at all in the first place.

As I mentioned before, I'd like to know the IP addresses of any
servers that are governed under your strict hands-off regime, so
that I can avoid communicating with them entirely, just to play
safe.  I suppose you are referring to relays serving the GEHT.NET
domain, but it's not clear to me which IP address ranges belong to
you.  I have your MX hosts [], [] and
[] already, but I guess your rules cover hosts beyond
those three?

See for a sample listing.

Anders Andersson, Dept. of Computer Systems, Uppsala University
Paper Mail: Box 325, S-751 05 UPPSALA, Sweden
Phone: +46 18 4713170   EMail: andersa@localhost

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