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Re: Spamcop madness


  Wouldn't it help a bit to set:

mailer-daemon:  /dev/null

  In /etc/aliases?


On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Jan Meijer wrote:

> > We have a similar problem: someone's pumping out huge amounts of spam
> > through hit&run dialups (it's been various) and using the domain of a
> > customer of ours as envelope from.
> > After we collected 5 GB in bounces, we've been forced to point the
> > domains MX to nevernever-land; anyone have a reasonable idea that doesn't
> > involve a separate mailer machine that prefilters that domains mail?
> > The good people are a rather small customer and they definitely don't
> > deserve nor want to pay for the traffic costs that would run up, not to
> > speak of other costs.
> Hmm.  Sounds like you only have one option, find out whoever is doing
> this.  Hit&run dialups can, in my experience, not be stopped that
> easily.  Try to get the most abused dialup providers to cooperate?  I
> can imagine a number of ways to make them cooperate.  It depends more
> or less on the amount of effort and money you are willing to put in
> this I guess.
> Jan
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