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Re: Another sad proof of why the industry can't handle the UCE issue

  • From: Dave Wilson < >
  • Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 11:44:20 +0100

> Exceptions to opt-out are a fundamental issue to that structure working at all

... but "you can never mail me, ever" sets some uncomfortable precedents
of its own.

e.g.1: As an academic ISP, I insist on having contact emails for my
customers; I insist on being allowed to contact them individually or
en masse with serious network issues.

e.g.2: A while ago an important FTP server was hacked (can't remember
which) and in the day or so it was compromised several dozen people
downloaded a backdoored version of the software there. The maintainer
contacted the people who left their email addresses to let them know
what happened - and, unbelievably, got spam complaints.

It is very uncomfortable for a service provider or a software distributor
to have a list of people who they *know* are using a faulty product, and
know that contacting them will save an awful lot of headaches and damage,
and still not be sure about using their address because the individual
clicked on the "don't spam me" box.

I like things the way they are now, for this issue at least. Each company
should be allowed to use its discretion on what constitutes a serious
customer matter. If they abuse that, or if marketingspeak is allowed creep
into their "important security announcements", they'll be RBLed in no
time flat.


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