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Re: Hate Email and how to combat it outside the U.S.?

  • To: "Corcorran, Suzanne E." < >
    "'anti-spam-wg@localhost" < >
  • From: "Clive D.W. Feather" < >
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 22:52:15 +0100

Corcorran, Suzanne E. said:
> I need the original email message with all headers intact showing the
> originator of the message as additional proof of threatening and harassing
> conduct to support already existing evidence.  When I requested this
> information from the host of the service, I was given an extremely rude
> reply.  The primary information obtained from the reply was:
> 1. I would not obtain the information unless they were instructed to provide
> it through Court Order by a Dutch Court.

In the EU [I was tempted to say "in civilized countries"] there is a law
preventing people from just handing out personal data to all and sundry.
Many of the bad practices seen in the USA (and this arguably includes
spamming individuals) are illegal in this country. Almost certainly the
host of the service is correct: they would be committing an offence if they
handed out such information without a court order. I know that I would be
in the same situation.

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