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Re: Administrative Overheads Arising from UCE

  • To: Swa Frantzen < >
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  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 16:53:10 +0100
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> > Read again what I wrote. Incoming connections to port 25. This would protect
> > the user from his own mistakes. It wouldn't prohibit him from connecting to
> > outside smtp servers. If you want to deliver mail to this customer, and he is
> > running smtp server on his dialup line, you can allow your smtp servers to
> > connect to port 25 on the dialup line. But as Cor suggested, this might not be
> > feasible.
> Ok I stand corrected, still this is riot stuff.
> Customers will not accept it.

They wont for us, im very sure. We filtered 31337 (incoming) for a short while,
and it ended up in the media. It's insane, but we gotta live with it. For this
we developed personalized IP filters, that people can activate on a webpage.
But this kinda doesnt work for spammers, since you can also disable the filters.

For now we just live with the 'hassle' of ORBS. Im going after the people
that actually build the software that runs smtp at an enduser, like mailtraq.
It annoys me a lot that they more often than not allow relaying by default.


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