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Re: Administrative Overheads Arising from UCE

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  • From: Esa Laitinen < >
  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 12:57:57 +0200
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>> Why don't you just disable incoming connections to the port 25 for your dialup
>> users? You'd get much less hassle.

>Because that's a service an ISP *has* to deliver to its customers.
>It is the only reasonable way for the legitimate customer to get his mail
>out onto the Internet without excessive connection times or excessive
>(think of an end user sitting behind his PC with windows and a modem)

Read again what I wrote. Incoming connections to port 25. This would protect
the user from his own mistakes. It wouldn't prohibit him from connecting to
outside smtp servers. If you want to deliver mail to this customer, and he is
running smtp server on his dialup line, you can allow your smtp servers to
connect to port 25 on the dialup line. But as Cor suggested, this might not be

We have a common goal. Methods might be a bit different. If ORBS has turned
sour I'm very disappointed.

Esa Laitinen  	             If I cannot reply to your news or mail
                             message with reply, you won't get my answer.          Why try to hide away from spam, why not fight   it?

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