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Re: RIPE32 Anti-spam WG minutes (draft 1.1)

  • From: Nate Waddoups < >
  • Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 09:32:21 -0800 (PST)
  • Reply-to: Nate Waddoups < >

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Herman Van Uytven wrote:

> Sorry, can we get back to what was the original question: who can be
> contacted to make changes to this text.
> If we do not have a contact, it is useless to do the dicussion here.
> Since we are mostly system admins, I do not think we are the right people
> to make juridical text.

But, since we are mostly system admins, I *do* certainly believe that we
represent a very significant group of people whose experise and
understanding of the issues ought to be available to those who ARE
creating the laws.

If we don't try to guide the process, who will?  Lawmakers who don't even
have email addresses? 

I find that more than a little bit frightening!

Assume just 4 million businesses on the Internet today...
If 1% of them sent you one piece of junk email per year,
you'd still have to wade through over 100 messages per day.

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