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Re: Proposed EU Directive on Electronic Commerce

  • To: Ragnar Lonn < >
  • From: Piet Beertema < >
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 10:25:01 +0100

    Anyhow, someone else (Piet?) wrote about the possible need to label
    UCE more specifically than just "Yes" or "No".

    I can imagine that the people who do decide they want some UCE may
    not want *all* UCE in the world
Exactly. There *is* "useful" and "useless" UCE, but the
distinction is highly individual. Categorising could well
help to at least enable people to make a distinction for
themselves without having to receive all the stuff.

    Maybe a good idea would be to force all UCE to use the mandatory
    "X-UCE: Yes" but at the same time suggest them to use another
    non-mandatory header to more specifically say what kind of UCE
    they're sending - e.g. "X-UCE-Type:" or "X-UCE-Keywords:" like this:
Why should we make it more complicated than necessary?
Just "X-UCE: <category>" will do the job. And I don't
really care how "unspecified" would be "encoded" here:
that's "for later study". ;-)
    The question is how reliable such a header would be - i.e. how many
    would insert any keyword they can think of just to get people to look
    at the message, no matter what's in it?
That might become a problem, yes.
    Maybe limiting the number of keywords would help that, of course.
Definitely: I see a need for a rather small number of
categories here.


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