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Re: Proposed EU Directive on Electronic Commerce


> > Meanwhile: we need to decide among ourselves how we want a spam message to be
> > brought to our attention. I'm open to a combo X-UCE: Yes *plus* Subject:
> > [UCE] ...?

> X-UCE-Keywords: bomb,president,nuke,saddam         <------ optional
[hello, people from NSA *wink*]

> The question is how reliable such a header would be - i.e. how many
> would insert any keyword they can think of just to get people to look
> at the message, no matter what's in it?

It boils down to the filter problem -- can we filter on content ?

PICS tried it, all those children protection schemes tried it.
Why should it work ?

> Maybe limiting the number of keywords would help that, of course. If
> all software only cared about the first 5 keyword strings, there would
> be little reason for 'unserious' spammers to lie about the content of
> their messages as they would othen nly get viewed by people less likely to
> be interested in their advertising.

What if they put in "money", but contained "sex" ? Or any other
combination of distrustful advertisment ? As one lawyer in a related
discussion said (in german and not so plain): "We're sure you're
interested in our spam -- we from the ad agencies know how to arouse
interest, e.g. by adding price drawing information etc.".

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