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  • To: Richard Kettlewell < >
  • From: John Martin < >
  • Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 14:51:47 +0200

At 1:44 pm +0200 8/9/98, Richard Kettlewell wrote:
>Also it won't stop you receiving spam from hosts which don't relay - I
>get quite a bit direct from dialups without any relay-rape involved
>(three this morning alone); such hosts need not even run an SMTP

Interesting. I have not seen this but given that end-user access is likely
to increase in bandwidth, this is perhaps going to increase. Sigh. I
suppose the only action left is for ISPs to block / filter outgoing SMTP at
the IP level.

>One possible way round this would be to have many more bait addresses
>than real addresses - then the majority of SMTP sessions attempting to
>deliver spam would include a bait address.

But when you have lists of 30 million email addresses, is this feasible?
The reason I ask is that it apepars to me - after looking at mailq - that
these are sometimes just auto-generated alpha email addresses. The
particular case I spotted was AOL. If you add 30 million duff  email
addresses, I fear the only impact will be on the unsuspecting relays... but
maybe not?


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