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UUNET (Anti-spam Working Group)

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  • From: Gunnar Lindberg < >
  • Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 18:36:29 +0200 (MET DST)

I guess noone really has an interest in putting someone else against
the wall, but please understand that UUNET Europe will have no better
reputation than UUNET US unless you take more action than they do.

Sometime in the future the zillion of * dialup spammers that
are allowed to continue regardless of the amount of protest mail to
spam-complaint@localhost will lead to some kind of blockade that will
affekt * world wide. To date I've received a lot of nice auto-
generated replies from UUNET <spam-complaint> but still I have not
heard of one single case where a UUNET spammer's account has closed.

I'm no great fan of MAPS RBL but at times I admit to understanding
why some people like it.

	Gunnar Lindberg

>From owner-anti-spam-wg@localhost  Mon Sep  7 15:39:44 1998
>Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 15:38:46 +0200
>From: Kerstin Espey <Kerstin.Espey@localhost
>To: Gunnar Lindberg lindberg@localhost
>Message-Id: <199809071338.PAA02256@localhost>
>Subject: Re: Anti-spam Working Group 

>[Spam removed]

>> This one almost certainly originated at UUNET in the US. It has then
>> been relayed by UUNET Germany,, to my .forward.
>> So, UUNET Europe folks, can you refuse to act as Mail Relay for hosts
>> (dialup etc) at UUNET US? If so, please do!
>Sorry, we can't.:-( As we allow our customers global roaming,
>we can't stop 
>relaying from UUNET US.

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