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Hi, How are you?

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:30:47 -0500 (EST)
  • Comments: Authenticated Sender is Dave155@localhost
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Hi, my name is David Mauro and I am a representative of Intek Logistics Inc.  Let me begin by saying we do not condone irresponsible bulk mailing and there is no need to be asked to be removed from our list because this is a one-time offer.  We will not mail you again.

We have emailed you today to present you with a very special offer.   We are offering you a chance at a bright financial future.   A chance to gain control of your finances as you once had before. A chance this genuine comes by once in a lifetime.   You may have seen similar offers but I assure you none quite like this.  Your earning potential is unlimited.  Your profits are a direct result of your own efforts.  You may even find yourself quitting your full-time job to direct all your efforts towards this amazing program once you begin to see the great results.  It is very possible to earn up to $50,000 in just a few months.  Sound too good to be true?  I assure you, the simplicity of this program will amaze you.  And it is the simplicity, which makes it so successful.  You would have to be out of your mind to pass up this offer.

Unlike the others whom offer this program we are a legitimate company located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada.   We have a web site to which you will receive the address with your first response.  We make personal contact with all our members via email.  On our web site we offer free technical assistance and advice, any and all programs necessary are free of charge.  All the information you need to be successful on your new venture is available right online.  All this for a nominal investment of $20, no other investments are necessary.

Print the following and read it at your convenience.  I guarantee you will be shocked at what we have to say.
Thank you for your attention.
Dave Mauro
Intek Logistics Inc.

If you're like most people on the Internet today, you've probably seen a letter very similar to this one before at some point, but you probably haven't given much thought to it.  It involves the purchasing and selling of financial reports from a list of 4 people, costing $5.00 each, using e-mail.   However it is not properly monitored and although the intentions of the sender is good, it is doomed to fail.  Not everyone has the time to research how to go about their venture successfully.  We provide you with all this information.

      In recent times, the popularity of the program has increased dramatically, leading to a potential with the system that has never existed in its history.  People are beginning to understand that the program is a simple, inexpensive, completely legal way to generate a little extra cash along side their regular job.  There are no promises that you will be able to retire from the system with such little investment could do that.  What we are talking about is having the rent paid each month, and perhaps a few they bill.  Like any business the profits are a direct result of your efforts.   A little elbow grease, ingenuity and business sense can produce an amazing result.
        Since everyone makes more money the more people who participate, the recent rise in participation is turning into decent profits as of late.

	   If you have no interest in mullet-level marketing programs that can be worked from your home p.c., please disregard this message and accept our apology for any inconvenience.   We know that a cluttered mailbox can get annoying. 

	      Our advice to you is that you save this letter (or print it) for a time.  The idea is very simple, but it definitely takes a few times reading it over before it sinks in.   We are confident that if you read over this letter briefly once now, and once again whenever you get the chance, you will begin to see the potential involved.

	      Most people do not respond to this letter immediately,  take as much time as you need to let the idea fly around in your head a little.

	      This is not a pyramid scheme.   Many people equate this program with illegal schemes that involve nothing but the transferring of cash.  The difference between a legitimate multi-level marketing program and a pyramid scheme is that in a pyramid, there is no money being exchanged for a legitimate product.  The law states this clearly.  Anyone who claims this program is illegal is misinformed in the area of retail law.
	      In this program, the product is a financial report that you can simply photocopy and mail to someone after they order it from you and send cash to you through the mail. 

	     The other legal issue that most people ask about in programs such as this one is the issue of tax legality.  The law is clear that all income must be reported to the government each year.  When customers send you cash, it is your responsibility to keep track of how much you are making and report this at the end of the year.

          Since you will be getting many envelopes each day, each filled with $5.00, it can become easy to forget to do this, but the law is the law.

	      This is our personal guarantee:   With the least possible investment in this system, you WILL make at the very  least $300 profit in 3 weeks, and spend no more than 10 minutes per day doing it.  We only hope this letter will enable you to see why we can so confidently make this guarantee.  It is a simple matter of statistics.

          Following is a simple explanation of the system and simple instructions for you to follow to get started right away: 

1)	you save this letter onto your computer in case you need it later

2)	you send $5.00 to each of the 4 people below to order a report

3)	each of those 4 people will mail you 1 report immediately 

4)	you save and copy these 4 reports as necessary

5)	you go back to this original letter and move everyone's name down 1 level, removing the               person in the 4th position and putting your name and address in the 1st position

6)	you have this newly altered letter e-mailed to tens of thousands of people  (usually people pay a bulk e-mailer to do this for them to start)

7)	when people receive this letter you sent them, they will see your name and address as the 1st report slot and will send you a $5.00 order for it

8) when people order these reports, from you, you immediately mail it  to them (they will give you their  address along with their $5.00)

	      The reason it works is that everyone involved has an incentive to help everyone else succeed.  The people you order the reports from will mail the reports to you immediately because they will profit when you profit.

          Each of the 4 people you order from also will be eager to answer any questions you may have and help you in any way they can so that you can start mailing copies of this letter out with their names on it along with yours.

	        We mentioned above that success in this system can be guaranteed based on simple statistical facts.   When you send out tens of thousands of advertisements (or pay someone to mail them out for you), you can be absolutely positively assured that a certain percentage will respond and send you $5.00 for the report.  The next fact is that the larger the mailing you have sent out, the more responses you will get.   

          Please understand this about this program:  It only takes an extremely small percentage of people to respond to your add in order for you to make a profit.   This is because your advertisement (with your address or P.O. box on it) will be sent to such incredibly large amounts of people.  (A bulk e-mailer can send your letter out to hundreds of thousands of people per hour.)  



	Basically, this is what we do:  We sell thousands of people a product for $5.00 that costs us next to nothing to produce and e-mail.  As with all multi-level businesses, we build  our business by recruiting new partners and selling our products.  Every state in the U.S. allows you to recruit new multi- level business online (with your computer).

	The product in this program is a series of four businesses and financial reports.  Each $5.00 order you receive by regular  mail will include the e-mail address of the sender.  To fill each order, you simply e-mail the product to the buyer.  THAT'S IT!...the $5.00 is yours!  Think about it...........


The profits are worth it.  

So go for it.  Remember the 4 points and we'll see you at the top.

				******* I  N  S  T  R  U  C  T  I  O  N  S *******

This is what you must do:

1................	Order all 4 reports listed and numbered from the list below.

               For each report send $5.00 CASH, YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS, and a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope.  Out of the country orders must include an IRC (ask your postal office).  When you order, make sure you request each SPECIFIC report.  You will need all four reports, because you will be photocopying them  and reselling them.

2................	IMPORTANT-do not alter the names, or their sequence other than instructed in this program.  Some are tempted to change the list and put a different address in one of the slots so that people will be sending $5.00 to the wrong person.  Doing this will only result in a loss of profit for you.  (This also may be illegal since the customer is ordering a product from someone who may not be able to mail it to them.)  

	In general, you will find that the great majority follows the program exactly because they understand that it's the most profitable way.

	Restore this original letter from your computer and make the following alterations:

	Replace the name and address under REPORT #1 with yours, moving the one that was there down to REPORT #2.  	Move the name and address under REPORT #2 to REPORT #3.  Move the name and address under REPORT #3 to REPORT #4.  The name and address that was under REPORT #4 is dropped off the list and is most likely on the way to the bank.

	When doing this, please make certain you copy everyone's name and address ACCURATELY!!!  Also, DO NOT move the Report/Product positions!

3................	Take this entire program text, including the corrected name list, and save it on your computer.

	(By now the people you ordered from will have sent you the 4 reports)

4................	Now you have 4 financial reports.  These are  legitimate products that people will want to buy.  You are ready to start advertising  your product to tens of thousands  of potential customers. 


	You can advertise in a number of ways, but some are better than others.  The most difficult way is to print this letter and make hundreds of copies and send it to people through regular mail.  This  takes allot of time and money (stamps, envelopes, etc.)  

	You could even create your own web page and  advertise your letter.  The only draw back is that it is expensive to maintain a web page each month.

	Another way to advertise is to pay a bulk e-mailer to mail out your letter for you.  This is the method we recommend because it has given us the best results.   There are many bulk e-mailers out there who will send out your letter for you.  You can find them by doing a search of the word "bulk e-mailer" on the Internet.   There are many excellent companies out there who will mail for you, but you still must be a little wary.  We have found that some companies don't send them out in a productive manner (w/out using fresh addresses or attaching other messages to yours)  and since there is no sure way to know exactly their methods, you're left wondering.  

	All you need to do is make sure the company is established and reputable.  Do not use a company who does not give their phone number out in their ad.

	The best of all scenarios is to have someone who is also involved in this program mail out your letters for you.  There are many private bulk e-mailers out there who send out this very letter with their names on the list because they know the potential involved.  There is a good chance that one of the people you will be ordering your report from will be able to bulk e-mail out your letter for you for a fee.

	When you order the report from the people on the list in this letter, they will mail you a report---if they bulk e-mail, they will probably include an offer to send your letters out for you. 

	There is a simple reason why it is best to have someone involved in the program bulk e-mail out your letters for you.  As mentioned before, it is difficult to verify that a company is sending out your letter in the most profitable way.  If the person sending out the letter is also involved in the program, they will understand the program and, best of all, they will do everything possible to see you get as many responses as possible because when you profit they will profit as well since they will put your name in the #1 slot, and their name in the #2 slot.  This gives the person an incentive to take great care in sending out your mail since they have allot to gain from it as well as you.  Other bulk e-mailing companies will not have this same incentive.




***Order each REPORT by NUMBER and NAME***

          Following is the list of people you will send $5 to:

         (Remember to include your e-mail address on the paper concealing the 5 dollars)

         When they e-mail the report to you, save them onto your computer.




Intek Logistics
2133 Jane St.#5 Suite #154
Downsview, Ont. Canada
M3M 1A2


2360 Bitternut Way
Jacksonville, Fl. 32246



Infiniti Marketing
698 Ballon Terrace SE
Palm Bay, Fl 32909



P.O. Box 7095
Jackson, Ms 39282



			Take a look at what is called the "multiplier effect" in marketing:

	Let's say you decide to start small just to see how it goes.  Assume you advertise your letter until 10 people respond and send you $5.00.  Also assume that those 10 people also advertise until they get 10 people to order and send them $5.00.  	

	Assume this continues for everyone in your downline and observe the following results:

* 	10 people order report #1 from you and send you $5.00

				5  * 10 =  $50

*	 each of those 10 people advertise until 10 people order report #1 from them (since their mailing will have your name 	as #2, 100 people will also send you $5 each to order report #2)

				5  *  100=  $500

*	 each of those 500 people advertise until 10 people order report #1 from them (1000 people order report #3 from you 	and send you $5)

				5  *  1000=  $5,000   

*	 each of those 1000 people advertise until 10 people order report #1 from them

	(10,000 people order report #4 from you and send you $5)

				5  *  10,000=  $50,000


				$50,000  +  $5,000  +  $500  +  $50   

	Total =  $55,550

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