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A Question

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  • From: SAEED KHADEMI < >
  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 09:45:49 +0330

  I subscribed to this list few days ago, and I am enjoying of these
talk in this list. Let say, I'm learning things from these negotiations.
So let me send my thnks to RIPE people for making this list and other
subscribers for their co-operation.
  During last 3 days, I was reading all postings to this list and 
a question raised in my mind, that I want to share it with others.
According to what you know, we have a lot of mailing softwares running 
on different platforms. All of these anti-spamming methods in current
discussion, are working in specific environment and some of them need
24 hours a day, taking care or changing something in configurations and ...

  Does anyone know about a uniform method which is able to control and fiter
does un-wanted incoming mails ( as an entry point to loacl network )?
  I mean, is it possible to have something like a proxy server or a 
fire-wall, for taking care of spammers? Maybe it's possibe to make a 
mailserver which is responsible to keep a list of all local users e-mail
addresses and aliases. Whenever, a users sends an e-mail to outside of 
network, this server puts an alias in "From:" or "Reply to" lines. And
whenever an e-mail comes in, the server translates "To:" & "CC:" addresses 
into their real adrresses.
  Or maybe it is possible to do something like what NAT is doing in 
fire-wall systems.
  Please tell me what do you think about these ideas. Beacuse I don't think
that it is possible to stop spammers by some tricks on some systems, and
actual solution is to find a general solution for while network.

Many thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,
| Saeed Khademi             | Bitnet  : SAEED@localhost  |
| Computer Center           | Internet: SAEED@localhost |
| Institute for studies in  | P.O.Box : 19395-1795           |
| theoretical Physics and   | Fax     : +9821 2564003        |
| Mathematics ( IPM )       | Phone   : +9821 2564869        |
| Iran/Tehran               |                                |

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