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Webinar Recordings

Webinar: Introduction to the RIPE Database

Learn how to create person, role and maintainer objects. You will also learn how to use flags to query the RIPE Database.

Webinar: RIPE Database - Advanced Topics

If you already know the basics, learn how hierarchical authorisation works (create assignments, role and domain objects).


Webinar: Resource Certification (RPKI)

Learn how to use Resource Certification (RPKI) in your BGP decision-making process.

Webinar: IPv6 in the RIPE Database

Learn how to get your IPv6 allocation and how to register IPv6-related data in the RIPE Database (assignments, reverse DNS and route6 objects).


Webinar: Webinar for New LIRs

Learn about what it means to be an LIR and how to make the most of your membership.

Webinar: IPv6 Addressing Plan

Learn all about the best practices for building your own IPv6 addressing plan.


Webinar: RIPE Atlas

Learn how to use RIPE Atlas measurements for network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Webinar: DNSSEC KSK Rollover

Learn more about the rollover of the DNSSEC root KSK.


Webinar: Internet Governance

Learn how to get involved with Internet Governance and understand how 
certain policies and frameworks can influence businesses.

Webinar: Internet Routing Registry

Learn more about the Internet Routing Registry and how to use it.