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Do you want to quickly learn how to use the RIPE Database or how to enable Resource Certification (RPKI) - all without leaving your desk?

Our one-hour, interactive webinars offer RIPE NCC members the chance to learn about these topics from RIPE NCC trainers, watch live demonstrations and have their questions answered. We limit the number of participants so that our trainers can address your individual questions.

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We offer the following webinars:

Get involved with Internet Governance and learn how certain policies and frameworks can influence your business.

Learn how you can optimise your routing by diving deep into the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL).

Learn how to use RIPE Atlas measurements for network monitoring and troubleshooting. This webinar is aimed at network operators who have general knowledge about IP networking, DNS and BGP, as well as a programming language such as Java or Python.

Learn the basics of the RIPE Database, including the relationships between objects and how to create person, role and maintainer objects. Learn how to use flags to improve your queries.

Learn how to register your assignments in the RIPE Database, and create route and route6 objects.

Learn all about the best practices for building your own IPv6 addressing plan.

Learn how to get your IPv6 allocation and how to register IPv6-related data in the RIPE Database (assignments, reverse DNS and route6 objects).

Learn about what it means to be an LIR and how to make the most of your membership.

Get started with RPKI and learn how creating ROAs and performing Origin Validation can secure your network.

Do you need to create an IPv6 network plan or distribute IP address ranges to your customers? Take the IPv6 Prefix Calculation Webinar!

This webinar will show you how the PDP works, how you can participate in ongoing discussions and how you can create your own policy proposal.