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Learn online with the RIPE NCC. Do you want to learn how to build an IPv6 addressing plan, or how to enable RPKI? Join us for a live webinar, watch live demos and get your questions answered by our trainers! We limit the number of participants so that you get a better learning experience. Our webinars are free for RIPE NCC members.

You can also follow a course through our online learning platform, the RIPE NCC Academy, and earn a digital certification through the RIPE NCC Certified Professionals programme.

Register for an upcoming webinar

Our webinars take place using Adobe Connect. Once you register for a webinar, you will automatically receive the link to the webinar.

Internet Registry Webinars
Get an introduction to the ecosystem of the Internet, learn how the RIPE Database works, how to create, update and protect objects in the RIPE Database and more.
IPv6 Webinars
Go from zero to hero! Get started with the very basics of IPv6 like how to calculate prefixes and make an addressing plan to more advanced topics.
Network Security Webinars
Learn about IPv6 network security and common security issues associated with the IPv6 protocols, BGP and routing security in these webinars.
Measurements and Tools Webinars
Get hands-on with running your own active Internet measurements using RIPE Atlas, or with using RIPEstat to analyse networks.
BGP Webinars
If BGP routing security or RPKI are on your agenda, join us for these webinars.