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Host a Bootstrap Event

What is a Bootstrap Event

The Train the Trainer (TTT) programme begins with a ‘Bootstrap event’ targeted at IT professionals and trainers from the Eurasia, Central Asia and Middle East regions. We hold events in one of these countries to prepare our participants to become RIPE NCC certified trainers. We organise these events together with local governments or organisations.

The duration of a bootstrap event is 5 working days.  Participants will need to travel to the location one day in advance and can leave the day after the end of the event. The daily schedule is from 9:30 to 17:30, including two coffee breaks and lunch.

Room requirements for a Bootstrap event

 These are the requirements for the room where the Bootstrap events take place:

  • Room with a minimum size of 80m2
  • Classroom style organisation with space for 12 participants
  • The tables should accommodate the training material plus space for a laptop for each participant. Minimum space per person should be equivalent to 3 x A4 pages
  • Sound proof
  • Natural daylight
  • Stable high-speed wireless connectivity for all the participants
  • Flip chart (25 pages) or white board
  • Markers for the flip chart or white board
  • LCD projector/beamer with either VGA or HDMI port
  • Projection screen at least 2.5 x 2.5 metres in size
  • Extension cords for a total of 20-25 plugs
  • Pens and writing paper
  • Table for the presenters with 3 seats and 5 power plugs
  • Facilities for tea/coffee to be served during breaks

Partner with us

Are you interested in supporting the TTT programme or hosting a Bootstrap event? Send us an email on trainthetrainer _at_ ripe _dot_ net