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Apply for the TTT Programme

How the Train the Trainer Programme works

To become a trainer certified by the RIPE NCC, you first need to be selected for the ‘Bootstrap Event’. If you successfully complete the programme at the bootstrap event, you will become a ‘non-certified’ trainer and be eligible to carry out trainings along with two RIPE NCC trainers. After completing a series of training programmes and passing the Train the Trainer exam with a sufficiently high grade, you will be eligible to become a certified trainer. All certifications are valid for three years only, and you will be required to re-certify after three years.

1. Participate in a Bootstrap event 

2. Become a non-certified trainer

3. Become a certified trainer

4. Re-certify as a trainer

About the Bootstrap Event

This is a five-day long programme with a maximum of 12 participants, who are expected to arrive a day prior to the event and leave the day after the event. We support selected candidates by providing travel expenses and accommodation. Each day has a full schedule from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, with a lunch break and two coffee breaks. You will be eligible to become a non-certified trainer upon successful completion of the bootstrap event.

Eligibility for the Bootstrap Event

You are eligible to apply to participate in a bootstrap event if you meet the following criteria:

  • Basic knowledge of IPv6
  • Good technical knowledge of networking technologies (Routing, BGP, OSPF)
  • Basic training skills including the ability to present technical concepts in a simple and concise way
  • Good fluency in English
  • Native speaker of Arabic or Farsi (for the Middle East region)
  • Native or highly fluent speaker of Russian (for the Eurasia and Central Asia Region)

 Please note that all our programmes are open to both men and women. 

How to Apply for the Bootstrap Event

If you meet our requirements, you will be asked to take a test on networking and IPv6. This test will be conducted using a platform provided by us. We will inform successful candidates six weeks prior to the starting date of the event. Send in your completed application including all the following elements via email to trainthetrainer _at_ ripe _dot_ net.

  • A full curriculum vitae (CV) that clearly lists your technical knowledge
  • Complete contact details including your email address, phone number and address
  • A link to your technical presentation video. We use the video to assess your technical presentation skills. The video must meet the following requirements:
    • Between 3 and 5 minutes long
    • Presentation on a technical topic related to networking, system administration, operating systems or programming
    • In the English language
    • Include a presentation slide deck
    • Hosted on either Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox or any other file sharing system
    • Do not include graphics or special effects
    • Do not edit the video – it should run continuously

Qualifying as a Non-Certified Trainer

If you successfully complete the Bootstrap event, you will initially qualify as a non-certified trainer. Non-certified trainers are only allowed to hold trainings along with two RIPE NCC Trainers. This qualification is based on whether you meet the following criteria:

  • Have a good level of English, spoken and written;
  • Have mastered the content of the Basic IPv6 Training Course and the Advanced IPv6 Training Course
  • Are able to present the course material confidently in front of a small audience of up to 25 people
  • Have demonstrated good presentation skills
  • Have obtained a certificate from the RIPE NCC Academy “Introduction to IPv6” course
  • Pass the Train the Trainer exam with a score of at least 70%

You will be listed amongst the pool of available non-certified trainers and will be later invited to hold training courses together with RIPE NCC Trainers. Participating in the programme does not allow you to hold RIPE NCC training courses on your own. The permission of the RIPE NCC is mandatory for any such activity. In order to become certified, further participation in training courses is mandatory.

Qualifying as a Certified Trainer

Certification is valid for three years after which re-certification is required. You can become a certified trainer if you meet the following requirements:

  • Carry out three training course series with positive feedback from the co-trainers
  • Show tangible progress in:
    • Knowledge of the RIPE NCC Training material
    • Presentation skills and style
    • Technical Knowledge
  • Pass the Train the Trainer Exam with a minimum 85% score


During the three-year certification period, the you need to meet the following criteria in order to re-certify for another three-year period:

  • Conduct at least four trainings together with the RIPE NCC
  • Maintain good feedback from the co-trainers
  • Participate in at least 4 TTT Online events
  • Pass the Train the Trainer Exam with a minimum 85% score

In case you do not meet these criteria, you will be considered non-certified again. You will have to meet the certification criteria again to regain your certification.

Contact Us

For more information do reach out to trainthetrainer _at_ ripe _dot_ net