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Train the Trainer Programme

Train the Trainer is how we identify, teach and certify trainers and networking professionals who can help us deliver RIPE NCC training courses. At the moment, this programme is limited to the Eurasia, Central Asia and Middle East (ENOG and MENOG) regions. 

About the Programme

Train the Trainer begins with a five-day “bootstrap event”. We cover the travel and accommodation of successful candidates who are invited to participate. Those who meet our eligibility criteria at the end of the bootstrap event are invited to join our pool of ‘non-certified’ trainers. They must then deliver at least three series of training courses alongside our trainers (each series consisting of around two or three courses spread over a couple of days). Finally, they will need to pass an exam in order to qualify as ‘certified’ trainers. This certification is valid for three years, after which re-certification is required. 

How this Benefits the Internet Community

This programme supports capacity building in countries with fewer training opportunities and creates an additional pool of trainers that we can draw from. While our training courses are always given in English, we hope this initiative will allow us to provide support in local languages as well. Certified trainers can also use their experience to support IPv6 deployment and contribute their understanding of local issues in the wider networking realm. The Internet community as a whole, stands to benefit from greater awareness around IPv6 and migrating to the new protocol.

Are you interested in participating?

You can support the Train the Trainer programme in two ways – either as a training candidate or as a bootstrap event host.

Apply for the TTT programme

Host a Bootstrap event with the RIPE NCC 

Any other questions?

Reach out to us via email at trainthetrainer _at_ ripe _dot_ net