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Teun Vink - BIT BV - IPv6 and ISPs

Teun Vink talks about the challenges BIT BV experienced when they rolled out IPv6, the kinds of IPv6 questions their helpdesk gets and how they trained their staff on IPv6.

Teun Vink is the Networking and R&D Team Leader at BIT, a Dutch business-to-business ISP with a strong focus on technology. Teun has over 10 years of experience working in the networking and ISP industry. He has been working at BIT since 2006. BIT has been deploying IPv6 within their network since 2002 and has been promoting IPv6 ever since by stimulating customers, suppliers and other ISPs to start using IPv6. At BIT, Teun’s focus is on networking, security and incident response. Teun represents BIT at the Dutch IPv6 Taskforce and was part of the organising committee of “2001:: an IPv6 Space Odyssey”, which held two seminars for ISPs and webhosts on IPv6 implementation. Teun has given presentations at these seminars as well as the IPv6 taskforce and the Axians IP day and the GovCert Symposium on the implementation of IPv6 at BIT.

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