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Jan Žorž - Go6 Institute - IPv6 and Mobile Internet

Jan Žorž talks about IPv6 and the mobile network: the problems with dual-stacking, the current status of IPv6 mobile support, and the need for IPv6 in LTE.

Jan Zorz is the co-founder of the Go6 institute, a not-for-profit organisation that raises awareness about IPv6 in Slovenia and the need to make extensive changes to the Internet. Thanks to, Slovenia is the EU country most prepared for IPv6 (according to the RIPE NCC’s IPv6 RIPEness study). Jan travels the world to give presentations on his work with IPv6, the model of the Go6 platform, and IPv6 awareness raising and deployment on a national level. He’s presented at RIPE Meetings, the Google IPv6 Implementers Conference and national events in Germany and Greece, just to name a few. He started his professional career in RS-232/VAX VMS world in 1992. Jan has been working as a consultant in the IT field, specialising in IPv6, for the last six years.

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