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Tailor-made Workshops

Workshops on a variety of topics can be offered on request.

We offer the following workshops:


These events can be expanded or shortened and tailored to participants'
specific needs. If you would like to host a workshop please contact .

Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Workshop

This course teaches LEA representatives about the RIPE Database and how they can use if for their work.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Registry system, RIPE/RIPE NCC, Policy Development Process (PDP)
  • Becoming member, requesting resources, checks we do, mergers, take-overs, closures, transfers, reclaims, court orders)
  • RIPE Database - what can you find in there and what does it all mean
  • IPv4 exhaustion, IPv6 - differences and similarities
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Transitioning
  • How does all this apply to LEAs (issues with tunnels, NAT and logging)
  • Show tools, Live Demo: looking for abuse contacts
  • Routing security (route objects authentication, certification/RPKI)

Measurement Tools Workshop

This course teaches participants about the RIPE NCC's measurement tools using practical exercises and examples. It is aimed at RIPE NCC members and network operators.

Participants should have general knowledge about IP networking, DNS and BGP, as well as any one programming language.

Topics covered during this course:

  • RIPEstat
    • Finding information about Internet number resources, including anti-abuse information
    • Using BGPlay
    • Analysing network events
    • How to personalise RIPEstat
  • RIPE Atlas
    • Creating measurements
    • Using status checks for network monitoring
    • Analysing data
    • RIPE Atlas anchors
  • Geolocation
  • RIS


Workshop Material


If you have any questions about the RIPE NCC's tailor-made workshops, please contact .