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This page contains details of all upcoming and recent RIPE NCC Service Announcements.

If you have any questions about any of these announcements, please do get in touch.

Service Interruption of Reverse DNS Delegation

The RIPE NCC has been experiencing problems with the provisioning software it uses to provide reverse DNS delegations. As a result, reverse DNS delegations have not been provided since Monday, 2 April 2012, 16:00 (UTC+2).

IP Analyser
Service Interruption on the LIR Portal
Zone Delegation Checker Outage
Service Interruption on LIR Portal

On Saturday, 17 December, between 09:00-18:00, the RIPE NCC will migrate more data from our current fileservers to new fileservers.

LIR Portal Security Advisory

There is currently a security issue with the RIPE NCC Access sign-on system when used in combination with the LIR Portal.

Scheduled maintenance

On Saturday, 3 December, from 09:00 - 18:00, the RIPE NCC will carry out scheduled maintenance on its core storage infrastructure.

Mailing List Server Updates: Subscription Errors

On 1 September, 2011, the RIPE NCC updated its mailing list servers

RIPE Database Update Service

Between approximately 13:25 and 13:48 (UTC) on 7 March 2011, we experienced an outage of the RIPE Database update service.

Missing signature for current KSK

On Tuesday, 15 February 2011 at around 13:00 UTC, our DNSSEC signer system produced a zone that was missing a signature for the current KSK.