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Service Interruption to RIPE Database

There were two issues with the RIPE Database today.

Due to some technical issues, we experienced a short outage of less than 15 minutes on the RIPE Database update service from 09:49 to 10:03 UTC (11:49 to 12:03 CEST). No update data has been corrupted, all mail updates were processed and all accepted updates were processed. Normal service has been restored.

Also, from 09:49 to 12:07 UTC (11:49 to 14:07 CEST), there was an issue with the internal routing of email updates. This issue has now been fixed.

During this period, 410 email updates from 118 users sent to "auto-dbm" were routed to "test-dbm". These updates failed with the error message:
***Error: Source [RIPE] not recognised.

For all these email updates an acknowledgement message was returned to the user with this failure message. If you submitted an email update during this period, please check your acknowledgements and re-submit if necessary.

All other RIPE Database services, including Webupdates and Syncupdates, were unaffected.

We apologise for any inconvenience these issues might have caused.