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RIPE Authoritative DNS Services Degraded

As of approximately 11:20 UTC this morning, we are seeing an unusually large amount of incoming traffic on the servers for the RIPE Authoritative DNS services. The traffic is specifically aimed at the ccTLD secondary service that we host for .ps and is of such a high volume that it is impacting other DNS services.

We are in contact with the domain owners and are investigating mitigation capabilities at the moment. We will provide further information as soon as it is available.


Update 15 January 2016: The traffic dynamic described above came to an end shortly after this announcement was published.

The attack traffic was overwhelming our incoming links. As this was impacting other services, we had started to ask our upstream peers to filter traffic to the specific address we use for the .ps ccTLD service. However, the traffic load returned to normal fairly quickly. Later in the afternoon we removed any upstream filtering.