DNS Issues

This morning, the RIPE NCC briefly experienced a problem on the ripe.net DNS servers. Operation of K-root and other public DNS services was not impacted at any time during this outage.

At 11:45 (UTC) this morning, an error in the deployment script used to update the ripe.net zone caused a partial zone file to be activated. This caused the ripe.net DNS servers to return NX-domain responses for some valid hosts and/or subdomains in the ripe.net zone, which effectively rendered some of the RIPE NCC services unavailable during
this period.

DNS resolution for ripe.net was fully restored at 12:15 (UTC). Caching of the erroneous responses may have caused reachability problems until 13:15 (UTC).

The error in the script has been identified and is only triggered in a specific corner case. This error will be corrected today.