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Service and Security Announcements

This is the current known status of the RIPE NCC network and services.

Critical Services (monitored by 24/7 teams)

If you suspect a serious incident or outage with a critical RIPE NCC service that is not shown on the statuses below, please contact the RIPE NCC Technical Emergencies Hotline.

RIPE Database  No known issues
LIR (Member) Portal  No known issues
Email to/from the RIPE NCC  No known Issues
K-root/DNS  No known issues  No known issues
RIPE NCC Access  No known issues
Certification  No known issues
Reverse DNS  No known issues

Non-critical Services

If you experience any issues with the following services, please report it to our Customer Service team.

Mailing Lists  No known issues
DNSMON/TTM  No known issues
Billing & Payments  No known issues
RIPE Labs  No known issues
RIPE Atlas  No known issues
RIPEstat  No known issues

Security Announcements

There are no security issues to report.