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RIPE Database sync updates issue

RIPE Database sync updates, web-updates and API updates are not responding at the moment.


The issues with our RIPE Database update services is resolved.

All mail sent during the downtime is now processed and sync updates, web updates and API updates are back to normal. If you experience any problems, please contact

The update service was down between 07:58 CET (05:58 UTC) until 9:55 CET (07:55 UTC) due to hardware issues. Further details on this issue will be posted to RIPE Database Working Group mailing list at



We are dealing with hardware problems on the machines used for the database update cluster. The service was affected from from 07:58 CET (05:58 UTC) and we are working to recover it as soon as possible.

Queries will keep working and updates via emails are queued and will be processed as soon as the service is up.

We will send an update message as soon as the service is up or when we have an estimate on how long it takes to fix the problem.