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LIR Portal Temporarily Unavailable

We have blocked access to the LIR Portal in order to complete the maintenance work due to the recent ticketing service outage.

Yesterday, our ticketing system was unavailable due to an outage was caused by a configuration error in the integration of the LIR Portal and our document management system. We hope to resolve this issue through the maintenance work currently under way.

Some requests could take longer to be processed until the issue is fully resolved. Further maintenance work will be carried out in the coming days.

Update: 9 October, 18:49 (UTC+2)

The LIR Portal is back online but the problem is not completely fixed. If you create ticket requests involving documents they will be received, but they could take longer to be processed.

We are continuing to work on the issue and might need to put LIR Portal back into maintenance mode again to fully resolve the issue. We will update this service announcement if this is the case.

Update: 14 October 17:18 (UTC+2)

Yesterday evening we updated the configuration in our documentation management system and ran a script to repair the affected documents. After no additional issues were observed today, we are confident the issue has been resolved.

We are planning further work to strengthen the system as a result of this. This will take place as part of our ongoing maintenance and any downtime will be announced in advance.