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Delay in RIPEstat Routing Data

Since 15:27 (UTC) on 29 September there has been an issue with processing routing data from our Remote Route Collector (RRC) network. This has meant that routing-related data in RIPEstat is more delayed than usual. The Prefix Overview and AS Overview widgets are returning incorrect data and have been put into maintenance mode until we find a solution. We first published this service announcement at 14.30 UTC on 30 September 14.30.

Update (1 October 9.46 UTC): Prefix Overview and AS Overview have been returning correct data since yesterday at 20:00 (UTC) and have been taken out of maintenance. All RIS-related data sets have caught up and are at-most delayed for 12 hours, with the exception of BGP Updates and BGPlay, which are either delayed by more than 12 hours or having missing data.

Update (1 October 14:28 UTC) Outstanding BGP updates have been processed, BGPlay and BGP Updates should work as expected again.