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Archived Service Announcements

This page contains details of all upcoming and recent RIPE NCC Service Announcements.

If you have any questions about any of these announcements, please do get in touch.

Title Description Effective Date
Minor Delays and Service Interruptions Some users are currently experiencing delays and/or minor interruptions in accessing several of our services. We are looking into the problem and will post an u... 2013-07-10T09:40:00+01:00
LIR Portal Services Issue 2013-07-01T10:30:00+01:00
LIR Portal Scheduled Maintenance 2013-06-27T17:05:00+01:00
RIS Data Collection Issue RIS data collection was partially failing. Collected RIS data from all RRCs, as available from our servers and through RIPEstat, is incomplete for this period 2013-06-20T14:00:00+01:00
DNS Provisioning Server Outage 2013-06-07T15:50:00+01:00
RIPE Database HTTP Services Issue 2013-06-04T10:25:00+01:00
RIPE Database Query Output Issue Users of the RIPE Database may have received an error message for some queries and query results due to a software issue 2013-05-31T16:10:00+01:00
RIPE Database Syncupdates Issue 2013-05-28T16:02:38+01:00
RIPE Database Whois Issue 2013-05-15T16:00:52+01:00
RIPE Database Reverse Delegation Updates 2013-05-06T13:35:00+01:00
RIS Update Delays 2013-03-21T10:45:00+01:00
DNS Issues This morning, the RIPE NCC briefly experienced a problem on the DNS servers. Operation of K-root and other public DNS services was not impacted at any ... 2013-03-05T13:30:00+01:00
Phone Outage 2013-03-01T13:55:00+01:00
RIPE NCC RPKI Repository Outage The RIPE NCC RPKI repository suffered an outage on Saturday, 2 Feb 2013 that lasted for several hours. 2013-02-04T17:25:00+01:00
RIPE Database Update Outage 2013-01-22T09:50:00+01:00
RIPE Datebase - Delay in Updates to Queries 2013-01-11T13:55:00+01:00
DNSMON missing data From approximately 8:00 - 10:00 (UTC) on 10 November 2012, a DNSMON configuration problem caused measurements to be missed. 2012-11-10T14:45:00+01:00
RIPE Database Update Outage 2012-11-09T10:35:00+01:00
Service interruption 2012-10-05T16:35:00+01:00
Service Interruptions On 29 September the RIPE NCC experienced network problems that caused severe service interruptions. 2012-09-29T12:30:00+01:00
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