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IANA Transition: A brief overview of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and its areas of responsibility
IANA Transition: Who decides how the IANA functions are managed?
IANA Transition: The RIPE NCC and IANA are key partners in ensuring the global uniqueness of Internet number resources.
GET INVOLVED! Read the latest documents relating to the IANA stewardship transition:
The RIPE NCC has published a section on its website that provides background information on the IANA functions, the role of stewardship of IANA and the RIPE ...
More than 3,000 people gathered in London last week to participate in the largest ever ICANN meeting. Some of the key issues discussed included the evolution ...
On Friday 14 March, the United States Government announced that it intends to transition stewardship of key Internet functions (including the Internet Assigned ...
IANA Transition: What does the IANA stewardship role involve?
IANA Transition: How will the RIPE community and RIPE NCC contribute?