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Working Group
The ENUM Working Group discusses developments relating to Internet resource mapping using E.164 telephone numbers as identifiers, commonly known as ENUM.
Agendas for sessions of RIPE Working Groups that met at RIPE 30 in Stockholm in May 1998.
The Connect Working Group discusses all subjects related to IP interconnection, raises awareness about interconnection and its role on the global Internet, and ...
A collection of minutes from gatherings of the MAT Working Group.
This list was created to facilitate the exchange of information concerning the Internet of Things, particularly as it may have impact on RIPE NCC, RIPE or our ...
The Technical Security Working Group (techsec-wg) acted as a forum to discuss technical issues related to improving the security of the Internet ...
The DNR Working Group existed to create a channel of communication between ccTLD registries and the wider community.
RIPE 72 Connect Working Group Minutes
101 items matching your search terms